Arthur Millius

Arthur Millius Specially-Appointed Researcher


Year Authors Title Publication Cites
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2009 A Millius, SN Dandekar, AR Houk, OD Weiner Neutrophils establish rapid and robust WAVE complex polarity in an actin-dependent fashion CURRENT BIOLOGY, 2009, 19, 253-259 51
2012 A Millius, N Watanabe, OD Weiner Diffusion, capture and recycling of SCAR/WAVE and Arp2/3 complexes observed in cells by single-molecule imaging JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE, 2012, 125, 1165-1176 48
2009 A Millius, OD Weiner Chemotaxis in neutrophil-like HL-60 cells CHEMOTAXIS, 2009, 167-177 46
2010 A Millius, OD Weiner Manipulation of neutrophil-like HL-60 cells for the study of directed cell migration LIVE CELL IMAGING, 2010, 147-158 41
2017 A Millius, HR Ueda Systems biology derived discoveries of intrinsic clocks FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY, 2017, 8, 25-25 21
2019 A Millius, KL Ode, HR Ueda A period without PER: understanding 24-hour rhythms without classic transcription and translation feedback loops F1000RESEARCH, 2019, 8 3
2019 S Shi, A Millius, HR Ueda Genes and Ion Channels in the Circadian and Homeostatic Regulation of Sleep HANDBOOK OF BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE, 2019, 30, 181-193 2
2018 A Millius, H Ueda Rhythms: the dark side meets the light SCIENCE, 2018, 359, 1210-1211 1
2011 A Millius WAVE-mediated Actin Assembly UCSF, 2011 0
2009 AR Houk, A Millius, OD Weiner Compete globally, bud locally CELL, 2009, 139, 656-658 0