Xu Zichang

Xu Zichang Doctoral Student, School of Medicine xuzichang [at] biken.osaka-u.ac.jp


Bachelor degree:

2015.04—2014.06 China, Changsha, Hunan Normal Univerisity, College Of Life science

Master degree:

2016.04—2018.03 Japan, Osaka, Osaka University Graduate School of Science, Biology science


1. Analyzing the immune repertoire seq from bulk BCR seq or single-cell BCR seq.
2. Mining the convergent BCR seqs among different donors which infected by Flu, HBV, HIV or Covid19.


Music:Trance, Dubstep, House or Progress House, DJ

Personal favorite:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcM5E9VmPfM

Sports:Badminton, Bicycling, Moutain climbing

Books:《The Road Less Traveled》, M. Scott Peck, 1993

                   《The Willpower Insticnt》,  Kelly McGonigal, 2013

Other things :Meditation and Buddhism