Soyoung Park



Grants, Awards, and Achievement



Year Authors Title Publication Cites
2023 T Kumagai, B Kinoshita, S Hirashima, H Sugiyama, ... Thiophene-extended fluorescent nucleosides as molecular rotor-type fluorogenic sensors for biomolecular interactions ACS …, 2023 6
2023 JH Yum, T Kumagai, D Hori, H Sugiyama, S Park Histidine–DNA nanoarchitecture as laccase mimetic DNAzymes NANOSCALE, 2023 1
2023 S Hirashima, S Park, H Sugiyama Evaluation by experimentation and simulation of a FRET pair comprising fluorescent nucleobase analogs in nucleosomes CHEMISTRY–A EUROPEAN …, 2023 3
2023 Sana Ullah, Hina Ghulam Ali, Motahira Hashmi, Md Kaiser Haider, Tehmeena Ishaq, Yasushi Tamada, Soyoung Park, Ick Soo Kim Electrospun composite nanofibers of deoxyribonucleic acid and polylactic acid for skincare applications JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH. PART A, 2023, 111, 1798-1807 0
2023 Natnicha Jiravejchakul, Gabriela L Abe, Martin Loza, Soyoung Park, Ponpan Matangkasombut, Jun-Ichi Sasaki, Satoshi Imazato, Diego Diez, Daron M Standley Intercellular crosstalk in adult dental pulp is mediated by heparin-binding growth factors Pleiotrophin and Midkine BMC GENOMICS, 2023, 24, 184 0
2023 HS Choi, JH Yum, Y Jeong, S Lim, T Kumagai… Fluorogenic bisazide cyanine probe as a highly efficient acrolein detection tool for diagnosing triple negative breast cancer SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B …, 2023 1
2022 JH Yum, H Sugiyama, S Park Harnessing DNA as a Designable Scaffold for Asymmetric Catalysis: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives THE CHEMICAL RECORD, 2022 8
2022 Y Kawamoto, W Liu, JH Yum, S Park, ... Enhanced immunostimulatory activity of covalent DNA dendrons …, 2022 9
2022 Shingo Hirashima, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Soyoung Park Characterization of 2-Fluoro-2'-deoxyadenosine in Duplex, G-Quadruplex and i-Motif CHEMBIOCHEM : A EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, 2022, 23 0
2022 Ji Hye Yum, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Soyoung Park Harnessing DNA as a Designable Scaffold for Asymmetric Catalysis: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives CHEMICAL RECORD (NEW YORK, N.Y.), 2022, 22 0
2022 Ryu Tashiro, Ji Hye Yum, Soyoung Park, Hiroshi Sugiyama Photo-Cross-Linking between Br U and Pyrene Residues in an RNA/DNA Hybrid CHEMBIOCHEM : A EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, 2022, 23 0
2021 MK Haider, A Ullah, MN Sarwar, Y Saito, L Sun, ... Lignin-mediated in-situ synthesis of CuO nanoparticles on cellulose nanofibers: A potential wound dressing material INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF …, 2021 48
2021 MK Haider, L Sun, A Ullah, S Ullah, Y Suzuki, ... Polyacrylonitrile/Carbon Black nanoparticle/Nano-Hydroxyapatite (PAN/nCB/HA) composite nanofibrous matrix as a potential biomaterial scaffold for bone … MATERIALS TODAY …, 2021 30
2021 MK Haider, A Ullah, MN Sarwar, T Yamaguchi, Q Wang, ... Fabricating antibacterial and antioxidant electrospun hydrophilic polyacrylonitrile nanofibers loaded with agnps by lignin-induced in-situ method POLYMERS, 2021 27
2021 WA Wee, H Sugiyama, S Park Photoswitchable single-stranded DNA-peptide coacervate formation as a dynamic system for reaction control ISCIENCE, 2021 14
2021 Takuya Hidaka, Wen Ann Wee, Ji Hye Yum, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Soyoung Park Photo-Controllable Phase Transition of Arylazopyrazole-Conjugated Oligonucleotides BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY, 2021, 32, 2129-2133 0
2021 Wen Ann Wee, Ji Hye Yum, Shingo Hirashima, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Soyoung Park Synthesis and application of a 19F-labeled fluorescent nucleoside as a dual-mode probe for i-motif DNAs RSC CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, 2021, 2, 876-882 0
2021 Ji Hye Yum, Takumi Ishizuka, Koyuki Fukumoto, Daisuke Hori, Hong-Liang Bao, Yan Xu, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Soyoung Park Systematic Approach to DNA Aptamer Design Using Amino Acid-Nucleic Acid Hybrids (ANHs) Targeting Thrombin ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, 2021, 7, 1338-1343 0
2021 Yuki Araie, Shozo Ohtsuki, Soyoung Park, Makoto Nagaoka, Keisuke Umemura, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Kosuke Kusamori, Yuki Takahashi, Yoshinobu Takakura, Makiya Nishikawa Combined use of chemically modified nucleobases and nanostructured DNA for enhanced immunostimulatory activity of CpG oligodeoxynucleotide BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 2021, 29, 115864 0
2021 Shubham Mishra, Soyoung Park, Tomoko Emura, Hidaka Kumi, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Masayuki Endo Photocontrolled DNA Origami Assembly by Using Two Photoswitches CHEMISTRY (WEINHEIM AN DER BERGSTRASSE, GERMANY), 2021, 27, 778-784 0
2021 D Hori, JH Yum, H Sugiyama… Tropylium derivatives as new entrants that sense quadruplex structures BULLETIN OF THE CHEMICAL …, 2021 2
2020 CJC Parr, S Wada, K Kotake, S Kameda, ... N 1-Methylpseudouridine substitution enhances the performance of synthetic mRNA switches in cells NUCLEIC ACIDS …, 2020 79
2020 Shingo Hirashima, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Soyoung Park Construction of a FRET System in a Double-Stranded DNA Using Fluorescent Thymidine and Cytidine Analogs THE JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. B, 2020, 124, 8794-8800 0
2020 Ji Hye Yum, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Soyoung Park Modular quadruplex-duplex hybrids as biomolecular scaffolds for asymmetric Michael addition reactions ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY, 2020, 18, 6812-6817 0
2020 Soyoung Park, Haruka Matsui, Koyuki Fukumoto, Ji Hye Yum, Hiroshi Sugiyama Histidine-conjugated DNA as a biomolecular depot for metal ions RSC ADVANCES, 2020, 10, 9717-9722 0
2019 JH Yum, S Park, H Sugiyama G-quadruplexes as versatile scaffolds for catalysis ORGANIC &BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY, 2019 46
2019 JH Yum, S Park, R Hiraga, I Okamura, ... Modular DNA-based hybrid catalysts as a toolbox for enantioselective hydration of α, β-unsaturated ketones ORGANIC & …, 2019 25
2019 Ji Hoon Han, Shingo Hirashima, Soyoung Park, Hiroshi Sugiyama Highly sensitive and selective mercury sensor based on mismatched base pairing with dioxT CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND), 2019, 55, 10245-10248 0
2019 Shingo Hirashima, Ji Hoon Han, Hitomi Tsuno, Yusuke Tanigaki, Soyoung Park, Hiroshi Sugiyama New Size-Expanded Fluorescent Thymine Analogue: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application CHEMISTRY (WEINHEIM AN DER BERGSTRASSE, GERMANY), 2019, 25, 9913-9919 0
2019 Sagun Jonchhe, Chiran Ghimire, Yunxi Cui, Shogo Sasaki, Mason McCool, Soyoung Park, Keisuke Iida, Kazuo Nagasawa, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Hanbin Mao Binding of a Telomestatin Derivative Changes the Mechanical Anisotropy of a Human Telomeric G-Quadruplex ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE (INTERNATIONAL ED. IN ENGLISH), 2019, 58, 877-881 0
2018 J Taniguchi, Y Feng, GN Pandian, ... Biomimetic artificial epigenetic code for targeted acetylation of histones JOURNAL OF THE …, 2018 31
2018 D Kim, J Hur, JH Han, SC Ha, D Shin, S Lee, ... Sequence preference and structural heterogeneity of BZ junctions NUCLEIC ACIDS …, 2018 25
2018 Ji Hoon Han, Soyoung Park, Fumitaka Hashiya, Hiroshi Sugiyama Approach to the Investigation of Nucleosome Structure by Using the Highly Emissive Nucleobase th dG-tC FRET Pair CHEMISTRY (WEINHEIM AN DER BERGSTRASSE, GERMANY), 2018, 24, 17091-17095 0
2018 DW Kim, JM Moon, S Park, JS Choi, WK Cho Facile and effective antibacterial coatings on various oxide substrates JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND …, 2018 14
2017 JH Han, S Yamamoto, S Park, ... Development of a vivid FRET system based on a highly emissive dG–dC analogue pair CHEMISTRY–A EUROPEAN …, 2017 35
2017 I Okamura, S Park, JH Han, S Notsu… A Combination of Visible-light Photoredox and Metal Catalysis for the Mannich-type Reaction of N-Aryl Glycine Esters CHEMISTRY …, 2017 7
2017 S Sakashita, S Park, H Sugiyama Copper-containing DNA–Silica Mineral Complexes for the Asymmetric Diels–Alder Reaction CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 2017 8
2017 I Okamura, S Park, R Hiraga, S Yamamoto… Synthesis, photophysical properties, and enzymatic incorporation of an emissive thymidine analogue CHEMISTRY …, 2017 8
2015 S Park, I Okamura, S Sakashita, JH Yum, ... Development of DNA metalloenzymes using a rational design approach and application in the asymmetric Diels–Alder reaction ACS …, 2015 53
2015 S Yamamoto, S Park, H Sugiyama Development of a visible nanothermometer with a highly emissive 2′-O-methylated guanosine analogue RSC ADVANCES, 2015 17
2014 S Park, L Zheng, S Kumakiri, S Sakashita, ... Development of DNA-based hybrid catalysts through direct ligand incorporation: Toward understanding of DNA-based asymmetric catalysis ACS …, 2014 65
2014 S Park, H Otomo, L Zheng, H Sugiyama Highly emissive deoxyguanosine analogue capable of direct visualization of B–Z transition CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 2014 57
2014 C Ghimire, S Park, K Iida, P Yangyuoru, ... Direct quantification of loop interaction and π–π stacking for G-quadruplex stability at the submolecular level JOURNAL OF THE …, 2014 48
2014 Frederic Y-H Chen, Soyoung Park, Haruka Otomo, Sohei Sakashita, Hiroshi Sugiyama Investigation of B-Z transitions with DNA oligonucleotides containing 8-methylguanine ARTIFICIAL DNA, PNA & XNA, 2014, 5 0
2014 H Otomo, S Park, S Yamamoto, H Sugiyama Amplification of fluorescent DNA through enzymatic incorporation of a highly emissive deoxyguanosine analogue RSC ADVANCES, 2014 11
2014 GP Petrova, Z Ke, S Park, H Sugiyama… The origin of enantioselectivity for intramolecular Friedel–Crafts reaction catalyzed by supramolecular Cu/DNA catalyst complex CHEMICAL PHYSICS …, 2014 29
2013 Soyoung Park, Keiichi Ikehata, Hiroshi Sugiyama Solid-supported DNA for asymmetric synthesis: a stepping-stone toward practical applications BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE, 2013, 1, 1034-1036 0
2012 S Park, K Ikehata, R Watabe, Y Hidaka, ... Deciphering DNA-based asymmetric catalysis through intramolecular Friedel–Crafts alkylations CHEMICAL …, 2012 87
2012 S Park, H Sugiyama DNA as a Chiral Scaffold for Asymmetric Synthesi MOLECULES, 2012 53
2011 Soyoung Park, Toshikazu Bando, Ken-Ichi Shinohara, Shigeki Nishijima, Hiroshi Sugiyama Photocontrollable sequence-specific DNA alkylation by a pyrrole-imidazole polyamide seco-CBI conjugate BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY, 2011, 22, 120-124 0
2010 S Park, H Sugiyama DNA‐based hybrid catalysts for asymmetric organic synthesis ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE INTERNATIONAL …, 2010 134
2010 R Shintani, T Tsuji, S Park, ... Mechanistic Investigation of the Palladium-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Cyclization of γ-Methylidene-δ-valerolactones with Isocyanates: Kinetic Studies and Origin of … JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN …, 2010 79
2010 Ryo Shintani, Takaoki Tsuji, Soyoung Park, Tamio Hayashi Palladium-catalyzed intramolecular decarboxylative allylic arylation of alpha-aryl-gamma-methylidene-delta-valerolactones CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND), 2010, 46, 1697-1699 0
2009 S Park, R Shintani, T Hayashi Palladium-catalyzed Decarboxylative [4+ 1] Cyclization of γ-Methylidene-δ-valerolactones with Isocyanides CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 2009 42
2008 R Shintani, S Park, F Shirozu, ... Palladium-catalyzed asymmetric decarboxylative lactamization of γ-methylidene-δ-valerolactones with isocyanates: conversion of racemic lactones to enantioenriched … JOURNAL OF THE …, 2008 119
2007 R Shintani, S Park, T Hayashi Palladium-catalyzed synthesis of spiro [2.4] heptanes: ligand-dependent position control in the nucleophilic attack to a π-allylpalladium intermediate JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL …, 2007 94
2007 Ryo Shintani, Soyoung Park, Wei-Liang Duan, Tamio Hayashi Palladium-catalyzed asymmetric [3+3] cycloaddition of trimethylenemethane derivatives with nitrones ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE (INTERNATIONAL ED. IN ENGLISH), 2007, 46, 5901-5903 0
2006 Ryo Shintani, Wei-Liang Duan, Soyoung Park, Tamio Hayashi Rhodium-catalyzed isomerization of unactivated alkynes to 1,3-dienes CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND), 2006, 3646-3647 0
2004 Y Na, S Park, SB Han, H Han, S Ko, ... Ruthenium-catalyzed Heck-type olefination and Suzuki coupling reactions: studies on the nature of catalytic species JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN …, 2004 182
2004 S Park, M Kim, DH Koo, S Chang Use of Ruthenium/Alumina as a Convenient Catalyst for Copper‐Free Sonogashira Coupling Reactions ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & …, 2004 90
2003 K Lee, YH Kim, SB Han, H Kang, S Park, ... Osmium replica of mesoporous silicate MCM-48: efficient and reusable catalyst for oxidative cleavage and dihydroxylation reactions JOURNAL OF THE …, 2003 107
2003 Soyoung Park, Yoon-aa Choi, Hoon Han, Soon Ha Yang, Sukbok Chang Rh-catalyzed one-pot and practical transformation of aldoximes to amides CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND), 2003, 1936-1937 0
2001 SH Park, HJ Kang, S Ko, S Park, S Chang A short and concise synthetic route to (−)-coniceine TETRAHEDRON: ASYMMETRY, 2001 98