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Database of Aligned Structural Homologs

What is DASH?

DASH is a database of structural alignments for all known structurally homologous protein domains and chains in the PDB.

The processing involves (a) clustering sequence-unique proteins from the PDB using CD-HIT at 99% sequence identity; (b) decomposing the sequence representatives into domains using Protein Domain Parser (Alexandrov N, Shindyalov I; Bioinformatics 2003); (c) aligning all domains against all domains on Google Cloud using RASH (Standley DM, Toh H, Nakamura H; BMC Bioinformatics 2007); (d) building composite chain alignments from individual domain alignments. (Rozewicki, et al.; Nucleic Acids Research 2019 [PubMed])

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Individual chains or domains can be searched for by separating them with '_'. Examples: 5VZ0_A -or- 5VZ0_A_01

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